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Advanced Technologies for better results-
SMART DRAIN® for Smarter Savings!

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No drip foam antiseptic, anti-bacterial so
pleasant it improves compliance!

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GRAS Status with the power of Silver! Child Safety Network

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    PURE® Hard Surface Disinfectant Included in Chipotle’s Enhanced Restaurant Procedures


    Patented Floor Drain & Sink Drain System. No flies, fats, grease, odors. Simple Drain Maintenance.


    Cleaner, companion product to SMART DRAIN®. Save Time! Save Water! Save Labor!


    Air Scenting & Odor Elimination for spaces large to small. Smart Style, Simple Service!

  • How it Works

    How it Works
    Learn more about how our products are designed. See the Smart Drain Video above!.

About Us

PURE® Hard Surface Disinfectant Included in Chipotle’s Enhanced Restaurant Procedures

Clearly Better Solutions is the latest branding venture of St. Louis native Jim Epstein and the innovative team at Intercon Chemical Company, St. Louis, MO.  Intercon, founded by Epstein in 1982, employs about 150 chemists, engineers, production workers, office and customer service team members at it's 250,000 square foot facility. See our videos here and from the "Watch Now" link at the top of the page to learn more!

Consumers not familiar with Intercon will likely be familiar with the Intercon created chemicals of leading cleaning product brand successes - including Method Home Care and Swisher Hygiene.  

Epstein stated "Our Clearly Better Brand products and programs are designed to bring breakthrough technologies to market in cleaning, disinfection, sanitization, skin care, air treatment and odor control."  The company's mission is “to deliver innovative, customer friendly and environmentally responsible solutions that solve problems not adequately addressed by current options."  Clearly Better Solutions offers programs under its SMART DRAIN®, SMART FLOORS™, SMART AIR, Clearly Better Scents and Clearly Better Medical brands.

Clearly Better Solutions…delivering products and innovative solutions that are not just better, they are Clearly Better.

Latest Clearly Better Solutions


Smart Drain Management Just Got Easier
Our patented Smart Drain cartridge teamed up with our Smart Floor cleaner saves foodservice facilities up to $7,500 per year! A solid block enzyme and Bug Block defends against fruit flies, eliminates grease and odors. See VIDEO above in the "Watch Now" icon.

Sweet Smell of Success
Diffusers with universal cartridges do there job in small to large spaces. Whether covering up odors, adding a signature scent or matching a scent to a current marketing theme, we have the solution.

Yucky Buckets Got You Down?
We ban the yucky bucket with sanitizer used for cleaning food contact surfaces. Spray with PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant & Sanitizer.

Don't Worry, Play Happy!
Germ killing near children in school, home or medical facilities are always a concern. With PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant & Sanitizer which kills MRSA, Norovirus, Flu viruses in 30 seconds. Residual surface disinfection for 24 hours.